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Why did we develop Attendance Radar?

The idea to develop Attendance Radar came from our desire to improve upon its predecessor, the Attendance App. The Attendance App was used by a few universities to track attendance using QR codes, however, we realized that this method was flawed as it was easy for students to work around it and mark their attendance, even when they were not present in class. That is why we decided to develop a method that was based on Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth beacon of Attendance Radar allows for attendances to be tracked equally as fast as with a QR code, yet it is much harder to workaround as you actually need to be in class to be able to mark your attendance.

Attendance Radar

Meet the team

Behind Attendance Radar

Aram H.


Dag F.

Chief Growth Officer

Nicolas M.

Product Manager

Chavdar G.

Secure Software Engineer

Nikolay k.

Secure Software Engineer

Petar H.

Secure Software Engineer

Krastyo N.

Application Specialist

Michaella M.

Growth Strategist

Leo D.

Growth Strategist

Victoria G.

Senior Jedi
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For over 10 years, Codific, amongst other things, has been providing secure Ed-Tech software solutions to universities and educational institutions around the world. The best example we can give you of this is Videolab, our secure privacy compliant video sharing platform that is Codific’s first and flagship solution. With several members of the Codific team having worked or working in higher education, we understand the industry well and we believe our experience has been of great value when developing innovative Ed-Tech software solutions.